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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

Mushroom Group —

The Magic of Mushroom.

Sector —

Professional Services

We helped create —

Art direction, identity, strategy

Few figures loom as large in the history of the Australian music industry as Michael Gudinski and his culturally pervasive Mushroom Records. Established in the early 1970s – and home to such iconic acts as The Skyhooks, Crowded House and Kylie – Mushroom Records would eventually develop into the largest independent record label in Australia.

As the new century dawned however, Mushroom Records, once a musical icon, had become more closely aligned with the sounds of yesteryear than with contemporary culture. Immense growth had seen the acquisition of a broad number of loosely connected businesses, each operating independently and with their own disparate set of identities. Mushroom may have grown, but it had also splintered and lost its direction.

Conventional wisdom would say to streamline the varied businesses and bring them together under a single banner. But Mushroom’s never been a conventional company and we think conventional wisdom begets conventional results.

Our response? Flip the thinking and turn the perceived negative into a positive, by re-conceptualising how the various businesses could exist as a single organism. By creating a unified identity, Mushroom’s fragmented brand architecture transformed into a full-service entertainment nexus.

Above —

A fragmented group of companies

Above —

Launch party

Mushroom launched its new identity at an epic 40th anniversary party, bringing the whole Mushroom Group family of businesses together for a symbolic company hand over from father to son.

Since that night, Mushroom’s new cohesive look has not only projected a new, highly visible identity to the group’s potential clients, it has also played an important role within the Mushroom Group family of sub-brands. It has offered a common vision – one that has promoted growing relationships between the previously estranged Mushroom family members.

But we couldn’t leave it there… to complete the revitalised identity, we came up with a tagline that encapsulated what Mushroom was really after – something aspirational, but with a cheeky wink to the company’s 70s rock heritage:

Life’s Magic with Mushroom.

“There has been a distinctive change in the drive, camaraderie, unity and overall ‘vibe’ in the Mushroom offices since the launch of the new brand… Mushroom again has a distinct direction and purpose. Culturally, we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

— Matt Gudinski, Executive Director, The Mushroom Group