Handpicked —

How to tell a story through the Art of Curation.

Initial art
direction testing


The Handpicked Wines story is a non-traditional one. It’s not limited to a single place or even country. It’s a story that begins in a small fishing village in China. Today, the Handpicked footprint spans half of the world. Ultimately, it’s a successful tale of “why not?” The value of challenging old rules and doing things differently lies at the heart of the Handpicked story.

The art of creation
with Scottie Cameron
and Sonia Rentsch

Handpicked is a winemaker and marketer with global ambitions. Naturally, a brand with a big vision requires a big idea. So we came up with the ‘Art of Curation’ – a creatively charged idea designed to engage traditional and non-traditional wine consumers across multiple channels the world over. The final result is an identity and packaging system that helps position Handpicked as a global luxury brand while the creative idea has established a broad platform for the sharing of stories and ideas.

Launch event

We were approached by ad agency Dig + Fish to help transform Handpicked’s family-run business into an ‘Accessible Luxury’ brand. To extend the marketing strategy and expand on the brand story, we conceived the ‘Art of Curation’ – an idea that aligns beautifully with Handpicked’s philosophy of carefully choosing high-quality grapes and wines from a select range of local and international vineyards. We sourced a range of objects that symbolised each of the different regions in Handpicked’s portfolio of wines. The objects had to evoke a sense of place and tell the story of why Handpicked had selected that specific wine region. In contrast to the traditional French view of ‘terroir’, we wanted to capture the essence of the broader environmental factors that come together to give each wine its distinctive taste and flavour.


The whole process then became a metaphor for Handpicked’s method of winemaking – combining elements from varying vineyards to create something entirely new. This very deliberate and considered approach ensured the end product was something artful and nuanced.

In an industry where the product has to become it’s own savvy salesperson on the shelf and grab people’s attention, we created something beautiful (yet accessible) that reflects Handpicked’s culture and speaks to wine consumers the world over.