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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

The Saturday Paper —

A new weekly paper that has the first and the last word.

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We helped create —

Editorial, identity

We worked with —

Morry Schwartz, Erik Jensen

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The Saturday Paper

When Morry Schwartz approached us to design a new weekly newspaper, we responded by telling him that “he was mad – print was dead.” But Morry’s always been a little bit mad and when he articulated his vision for the paper, we knew we were about to embark on something substantial.

Morry’s vision was to become a brave new voice on the most significant day in the newspaper cycle. He believed that newspapers were not in fact dead – they’d just stop doing their job well.

Enter The Saturday Paper. A weekly newspaper that was concise enough to be consumed at a café, yet featuring content that could last all week. As the paper evolved, each issue would become the embodiment of its readership and a journalistic reflection of its time. In the words of Morry:

“We do what other newspapers can’t: serious features, independent commentary, innovative lifestyle content. We use top writers to produce definitive accounts of the week’s most important stories. We don’t do traffic accidents or cats up trees. We do sophisticated news for sophisticated readers.”

This audacious idea required an equally audacious approach. Working closely with Morry and Editor, Erik Jensen, we conceptualised and created an editorial style that took its visual cues from traditional newspapers and married them with a distinctly contemporary design approach. At the forefront of this thinking was the Paper’s use of space. Where most newspapers cram as much content onto a single page as possible, we instead allowed the editorial room to breathe. The result was a series of simple, easy-to-maintain templates, which did not require a significant investment in imagery and could be updated (in house) by the Saturday Paper design team.

Post our work, The Saturday Paper quickly established itself as a leading source of quality news. It has grown in its first year to overtake much more established competitors, and continues to grow.

Above —


Above —

Interior page templates

“Round had an intuitive sense of what was needed for the project: of who the reader was and how they read. Round married the language of newspapers with that grace of magazines, arriving at a unique hybrid. They saw the brief not as a design job but as an experience.”

— Erik Jensen, Editor of The Saturday Paper