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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

Decibel Architecture —

Amplifying the vision of an architectural iconoclast

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Professional Services

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Strategy, identity, environmental, print, digital

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Sam Morgan

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Over the last decade, Dylan Brady has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most formidable architectural minds. A founding partner of Studio 505, his projects are known for being bold, radical, and boundary-pushing; much like his high-volume personality. So when he decided to set up shop under his own name, we knew that this practice needed an equally powerful strategic vision and visual identity to match.

Decibel Architecture, or dB(A), was settled on as a name; a nod to both the technical shorthand for a unit of sound, as well as a riff on the acronymic naming conventions of most architectural practices. From here, we set about defining a purpose and values for the firm, in close collaboration with the man himself. For Dylan, it was about imagination, play, and adventure beyond the possible.

Above —

Dylan Brady in his office, located in the Pixel Building — Australia’s greenest office building, which he helped design.

Our identity took a simple typographic device—the parentheses inherent in the name of the practice—and amplified it through pattern and repetition, resulting in series of abstract sound waves that could fill any space or format. Always pushing forwards, this simple glyph also symbolises progression, momentum and precision.

A playful language system was devised, with the parentheses allowing nested messages to subvert the often overly formal language of architecture. This injection of humour and humanity sets the practice apart in a sea of the stuffy and traditional; encouraging fresh thinking and dynamic communication across print, digital and environmental outputs.

Above —

Brand collateral, designed by Round and dB(A)’s in-house team

“Our brand is simple, effective, elegant and striking. It also is a tool that we are able to continuously fold back into our work and storytelling.”

— Dylan Brady, Conductor at dB(A)