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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

Hardware Société Cookbook —

No Eggs on Toast

Sector —


We helped create —

Concept design, naming, photography direction and publication design

We worked with —

Writer Michael Harden; photographer Lauren Bamford; stylist Stephanie Stamatis;
illustrator Stefan Marx.

More clicks —

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Initially, we were going to call this book, “The Grand Adventures of Hardware Société,”—in fact, it was the working title for quite a period of time. Because, well, ‘grand,’ they certainly were.

Penned by Michael Harden, with concept, naming, photography direction and design by us, No Eggs on Toast as it’s now known, chronicles the vision, the life, the recipes and dynamic personalities of Di and Will Keser, founders and owners of Hardware Société cafes in Melbourne and Paris.

Over the course of a few weeks, we photographed between Melbourne and Paris, and also Normandy, where Will and Di share a rambling country home.

Reflecting the characters of the more subdued Will, the exuberant Di, their three rescue dogs, and the energy and love between them all, the book oscillates between restrained and quiet pages of intricate recipes, to loud, bold and colourful pages of type.

The result is a great cookbook, but also a tale of enthusiasm, hard work, trials, tribulations, love, creativity, imagination, and great coffee.

It says, ‘discover your own path, and anything is possible.’ Except, perhaps, eggs on toast.

Round helped bring the story of Hardware Société to life—the places, the people, the dogs, the challenges, the food! From Paris, to Melbourne, to Normandy, and back again, it’s a piece of Hardware Société for everyone to take home.

Di Keser, co-owner and founder of Hardware Société