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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

Koko Black Seasonal Campaigns —

Celebrating the uniquely Australian seasons

Sector —

Food & Beverage

We helped create —

Identity, packaging, tone of voice, storytelling, campaign concepts and execution, art direction

We worked with —

Photography; Dan Hermann-Zoll, Lillie Thompson, Easter 2019 Papercraft; Amanda May

What better way for Koko Black to build its credentials as the distinctively Australian chocolate brand, than by owning our distinctively Australian seasons. Escaping established norms of Christmas and Easter—as told by the northern hemisphere, we took the opportunity to share a different point of view.

Speaking instead to our own truths of a mad, sun-soaked silly season, and a cosy autumnal Easter, we not only celebrated the nuances of our place—we gave local audiences something to connect with, and global visitors a unique piece of Oz to take home.

Silly Season — Christmas 2019


Alive with contradiction, an Aussie Christmas is more sunscreen than sweaters, more Pavlova than puddings. It’s Santa hats on the beach, turkey served cold, and drinking white wine in the sun. But it’s festive in its own right—and we knew Koko could own that.

From the way the campaign lives in store, to the naming of products, a sense of Australianness, madness, colour and festive joy can be felt and experienced across each and every touch point.

Above —

Easter Wonder Down Under 2019


For Easter too, we considered how we could speak to the holiday through a uniquely autumnal lens. In the world of Koko Forest, the colour palette, the characters, the products—all communicate a sense of burrowing down, nestling up, and getting cosy—just like the Easter we know. And in these untraditional narratives we reveal what we already know— that the truth is more magical than fiction.

Above —

Shelf-talkers that connect storytelling to product