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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival —

The revolution will be digitised.

Sector —

Arts & Culture, Hospitality

We helped create —

Art direction, identity, environmental, strategy, digital

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) has been a part of Melbourne’s cultural landscape for over 20 years. From modest beginnings, it has evolved into to the star-studded international behemoth that fans know today; with over 300 gastronomic events packed into ten days and a who’s-who of international chefs coming along for the ride.

At the time that we started working with MFWF, the festival had – to a degree –  become a victim of its own success. The sheer number of events was overwhelming, and in the face of increased competition, punters and industry partners were losing clarity about what the festival stood for.

First, we helped to redraw the organisation’s brand architecture and articulate a bold vision for the new parent brand, Food & Wine Victoria (FWV). We then devised a brand strategy and identity for MFWF – one that respected the knowledge and reputation cultivated over the decades while engaging a younger, digital-savvy audience.

For FWV, we established a strategy that positioned the organisation as a collaborative partner dedicated to advocating for food and wine producers and makers throughout the state.

We defined an ambition for MFWF to become one of the world’s “grand slam” gastronomic experiences; a consumer-first strategy that revolves around engaging people’s hearts, minds and palates while combining food with ideas to create new, unforgettable experiences.

The visual identity we developed looked to democratise and re-energise the festival – making it fun, approachable, and well… more festive. We worked with advertising agencies, web developers, videographers, and photographers to create a storytelling language that could link the festival’s message to a range of media, taking into consideration the broad range of stakeholders involved and the vast range of communication avenues employed.

Above —

Campaign roll-out

Above —

Snapshot of the festival results

“There is an incredible community of chefs and thinkers in Melbourne who support the festival and enrich every aspect of the experience. The result is not simply a forum to celebrate good food, but also a portal into the local culture, and a stage to share ideas”

— Dan Barber, Chef, Advisor, Commentator