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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
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We are Round —
a design practice that
harnesses culture and
creativity to transform brands.
Find out more.

Workaround —

Women Design Action

Sector —

Arts & Culture

We helped create —

Identity, signage and way finding, exhibition didactics, print and digital publications, posters, print and digital advertisements

We worked with —

RMIT Design Hub curatorial team and Sibling Architecture

Presented by RMIT Design Hub, WORKAROUND is an exhibition of 14 female practitioners focused on advocacy and activism in an expanded field of architecture. 

Featuring individuals working toward positive change in the built environment and its surrounding cultures, the exhibition took shape as 14 “episodes” broadcast live from the Design Hub and at various locations around the city.

Drawing from broadcast vernacular past and present, and retaining the same sense of dynamic energy associated with a live news program, the identity encapsulated the idea of broadcasting as a means of advocacy — promoting ideas and exchange.

Aligned to the unconventional and agile manner the practitioners themselves work, WORKAROUND also challenged the limitations of an expected broadcast environment to present the content in new and unexpected formats.

By individualising each practitioner’s identity and ‘broadcasting’ their manifestos inside the gallery walls and onto the streets, the exhibition took shape as a form of quiet but powerful activism, inviting the entire city to consider the environmental, social and professional challenges we all face, and the role of architecture to rethink, negotiate and circumvent them.

Above —

Entry into the exhibition held at RMIT Design Hub

“It started to fall into place when we came up with the concept of the ‘workaround’ – which of course is about work but it’s also about finding ways of continuing working given obstacles.”

Naomi Stead, Monash University
Above —

Yasmin Lari with RMIT Students, Bamboo Shelter Workshop, Episode 12: Esther Charlesworth

Above —

The Workaround catalogue took design cues from old TV guides utalising light disposable stock with a stapled and folded format.